Are you looking for all the questions to ask a web designer or builder before hiring someone to build your website? Well, In this article we have listed 10 top questions to ask when designing a website.

Demand for website builders and designers is increasing as more and more businesses are going online.

Website design is one of the most crucial parts of the business. For obvious reasons, you need a good designer to make your brand famous, a designer who can think outside the box.

Finding a website builder or designer is not an easy task. Great website designers usually get hired by top brands, and most of the website designing agencies will charge you the skyrocketing price.

We Techno Believe has got you covered here. Check our portfolio and pricing plans and compare them with other agencies. We also design samples for you before you get an actual website design. This way you can see our work without even paying us.

Before you hire someone to build your website, make sure you have done proper research about what questions to ask a web designer. Proper research should be done on your business competitors beforehand. Also, search for reference websites whose designs you like. It will help your website builder to know how you want your web design to be.

We have made a list of questions that you should ask a website designing agency before you hire it to design a website.

Top 10 Questions to Ask a Web Designer or Builder

1. Always ask your website builders or designers – the platform (Content Management System) they use

Questions to ask a web designer is which platform they use.

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems. 34% of all websites on the internet are running on WordPress alone. After your website gets completed and if you need to make changes to your website, WordPress can be the best solution for that purpose.

However, there are many other website platforms like Wix, Weebly, Jimdo, Squarespace, etc. But the quality that WordPress would give will not be available on any other platform. WordPress has a big free-market of plugins that you can get integrated into your website.

Another cool feature about WordPress is that it is easy to blog on this CMS platform. Even you can write blogs and post them directly using your mobile WordPress app.

So, the first question in our list of questions to ask a web designer is which platform they use.

Pro Tip – If you are looking to modify your website regularly to get the best results, you should not go with a static website. Ask them to design a dynamic website that can be modified easily and regularly.

2. Ask them if the project will be in-house built or outsourced

If your agency or website designer is outsourcing your work, that could lead to several problems like communication gaps, delays, and additional costs.

To compare, our team works in-house and delivers your project on or before the timeline. We believe in healthy communication with our clients, and guide them in the entire process while building their website.

3. Ask the time to get your website built

The next question you should ask a web designer is about the time to get your website built.

Generally, it takes about two weeks to 2-3 months to design a website, depending upon the work it will take. 

A simple portfolio or professional website generally takes 1-2 weeks to get completed. 

A business website can take up to a month to finish depending upon the complexity of website design and features you require. 

An e-commerce website can take up to 2 months, as more work is required to set up the product pages and cart flow.

Make sure you have all the content ready for your website, like – number of pages, texts, images, or videos and the features you need. Our website agency provides our clients with the best time frames to finish the projects before the timeline. We value our client’s time and always ready to provide extra help with marketing too.

4. Ask them which website builders and themes they use

List of website builders and themes

The next in our list of questions to ask a web designer is asking your website designer or a builder which website builders and themes they are using.

The most popular website builders on the WordPress platform out there in the market are DiviBeaver BuilderSpeedProd, and Elementor

Almost all these website builders can make your website a good look. We personally suggest using Divi as it has built-in 100s of layouts, which you can always ask us to modify as per your requirements.

5. Ask them to optimize your website for Search Engine

If your website is listed on Google or Bing, then visitors can easily find you. Make sure your website designer or web agency optimizes your website pages with search consoles. Indexing your website to Google or Bing directory can let your prospective customers or clients find you and select your product or services.

Asking your website designer to optimize your website for Search Engine is one of the important questions to ask a web designer.

At Techno Believe, we build websites with optimized texts, images, and web pages. We make sure that your website is listed on search engines, making it easy for your visitors to find you.

6. Ask your website builders to make a responsive website

Ask your website builders to make a responsive website

In responsive website designing, the user should get a great visual experience across a wide range of devices from desktop to mobile and tablets. 

Google itself recommends that your website should be responsive so that it can rank in search results.

At Techno Believe, we make sure that your website is responsive and loads at a fast speed on any device, whether it be your desktop, phone, or tablet.

7. Ask them if you will be able to see the website progress in real-time

The next in our list of questions to ask a web designer is asking your web designer if you will be able to see the website progress in real-time.

Watching the real-time progress allows you to check your website’s development. It allows you to make changes at the time when the website is getting built.

Most agencies or website designers build the websites offline. It doesn’t allow you to see what’s really going on with the design of web pages. If the agency or the person who is building your website is working on offline mode, ask them if they will show you the progress on a daily basis.

8. Ask your web designer the number of revisions you can get

Suppose a situation where your website gets completed, and you still are not impressed. Therefore, it is important to know beforehand how many revisions you are allowed to make. It avoids miscommunication with your website designer.

Also, make sure to ask them about additional costs involved in website revisions.

9. Ask them if you will be able to make changes yourself on the website

The next important question in our list of questions to ask a web designer is if you will be able to make changes yourself on the website.

Websites made on WordPress are easy to modify by yourself. But many other website CMS platforms are very complex, which you will find hard to understand. It can cause issues with website updates. If your website is not updated regularly, then it can cause slow loading speed, or even your website can crash.

Once your website project gets completed, ask your designer how you can modify the website yourself when needed. Ask them how you can add or remove pages, update the content and control the plugins.
If you are too afraid to alter your website, you can ask your website designer about the cost it will take for modifications in the future.

10. Ask your website builders what additional support they can provide to you

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Web agencies can provide you with a number of services. A few of them are Web Hosting, Copywriting, SEO, Email Marketing, Lead Generation, Social Media Marketing, etc.

It is always a good idea to discuss with your website agency about your business goals. They can provide you some solutions and strategies that can help in your website and business goals.

Ready to ask some questions to ask a web designer?

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