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Let’s take a closer look at current trends in market and wash away traditional
routine with modern advent of digital marketing.

We are here to let you know some tried and true marketing strategies.

For which You will need to give your all to be successful.

Socialize your food / food porn / post your food

We are in the era where everyone is fond of photos. With the vibrant pictures over social media tells that food porn is alive & well.

The best & the easiest way to make your orders rolling in , then you have to take advantage of social media platform by uploading the lively & bubbly pictures or video clips of food on Instagram [king when comes to food] , Facebook [the queen] and rest are puns.

Taking great food photos can be tougher than it looks.

Learn more about you photos from apps like canva , designer etc.

Be loyal

What you post is what you serve in real.

Get yourself listed on food apps. Publicise your menu digitally. 

Provide benefits to your customer which offers visitors free purchase, complimentary items or discounts.

Get your staff involved/Team management

Work together as a family or great team. Train your staff how to represent you and your restaurant. Make the ambience happy and pleasant.

Always remember ton welcome your guests/clients.

Don’t forget to reward your workers and motivate them to perform better.

Grow With Blogging

Focus more on story telling and sell more. 

Bring your inside business outside/showcase your business

by sharing your recipes.

Work on your reviews. Tell them how unique you are. Display your speciality. Best way to announce the news to reach out to the world.

Email marketing & SMS/ don’t forget to ping

The goal of your company is to keep your customers engaged and up to date about your services. Remember customers will probably appreciate less flooded inbox. Showcase your business like additions in your menu or special offers by sending mails or SMS on special occasions or events etc.

Handle Feedback

Choose the most suitable option while taking a feedback like using digital feedback forms or physically at restaurant by staff etc. Remember while responding to a negative review publicly always respect, apologize and promise to portray your restaurant in good light.