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Techno Believe Email Marketing strategies can help your business scale

We are here to help you to develop, plan, and carry out any type of email marketing or CRM campaign, whether it be a transactional, product, or promotional one.

Email Marketing

Gain new leads & re-engage past customers

Techno Believe is an industry expert in email marketing and strategy, especially for Fintech, Finance, e-commerce and small businesses.  We are an agency that produces results and provides value to your company with experience in designing and creating targeted email campaigns.


Our Email Marketing Services Will Help You

When used effectively, email marketing is a potent tool for maintaining customer engagement and establishing your brand. After all, the primary strategy used by 89% of marketers for lead generation is email.

At Techno Believe, we are all too aware of how difficult it is to stand out from the competition and connect with your target market.

We avoid generic because of this. We design email campaigns that catch people’s attention, yield the highest response rates, and boost your ROI.

Reach new audiences

With custom, personalized databases, we create cold email marketing campaigns that have amazing ROI.

Improve conversions

We can convert warm leads into customers by using email nurturing. We create effective lead nurturing funnels for email marketing.

Re-engage customers

We can develop automated email marketing campaigns that maintain client engagement with the guidance of our customer lifecycle experts.

How We Work

The most economical and successful marketing method available today is email marketing. Email is the most profitable marketing channel online for eCommerce because it generates £42 for every £1 spent.

1. Discovery

Getting to know you ..

We make it our goal to completely comprehend your brand before we take off. We examine your data, your rivals, your current email campaigns, and everything else to ensure that every choice you make moving ahead is well-informed and firmly anchored in your company’s goals.

We investigate every possibility before putting it all together to develop seamless email marketing campaigns that benefit both your company and your audience.

2. Email Database Growth

Find ways to nurture and grow your email subscribers ..

Before we launch, it is our intention to fully understand your brand. We look at your data, your competitors, your existing email campaigns, and everything else to make sure that any future decisions you make are well-informed and firmly rooted in the objectives of your business.

Before putting it all together, we conduct thorough research to create seamless email marketing campaigns that are advantageous to both your business and your audience.

3. Automated Email Workflows

Building intelligent email user journeys ..

Emails that are automatically sent out are ones that are set off by user activity. Order confirmation emails (triggered by a transaction) and cart abandonment emails are the most common of these (triggered by exiting the checkout without completing an order).

Techno Believe goes above and beyond these customary email triggers by creating intelligent email journeys that upsell and cross-sell users on complementary goods and services based on their past behavior.

They are put up using sophisticated rules that will automatically activate. Without you doing a thing, your email platform will handle the labor-intensive tasks. Therefore, the original cost you incurred to set up these emails will pay off in the long run.

4. Newsletters & Promos

Start spreading the news ..

Along with automatic email workflows, we also make use of periodic newsletters and promotional emails to promote your brand, develop customer loyalty, and highlight the complete assortment of products and services your company has to offer.

The goal of everything we send out from this point forward is to build and reinforce your brand. Not to mention, it will still be working toward the crucial objective of re-engaging users in the sales process and increasing crucial conversions.

5. Email Design & Creation

Don’t be content with bad content ..

Our in-house team of customer-centric designers, talented copywriters, and top-notch coders are here to create stunning email marketing campaigns for any platform and client.

Everything is handled by us, including email content creation, subject line writing, data administration, and ongoing campaign analysis. Additionally, we may create wireframes or mock-ups and give copies for your in-house design or development team to implement.

6. Reporting

Measure the results of your campaigns ..

When it comes to email marketing, reporting is crucial. Without it, we won’t be able to continuously enhance & optimize our activity or demonstrate how our work is affecting your bottom line. Every email we send will automatically include tracking so that we can monitor how email traffic behaves on the website.

You will receive a report detailing the effectiveness of all email campaigns every month so you can observe in real-time how the activity is doing and help you achieve your overall marketing objectives.

7. Refine & Reiterate

Our job isn’t done yet ..

We’ll always be adjusting our strategies based on the insights we learn from our campaigns as we collaborate to provide engaging emails to your audience. To provide you with the best ROI, our CRO and user psychology experts will examine every possible avenue.

Your email marketing campaigns can undergo split-testing to identify and emphasize the strategies that produce the greatest return on the send.

When you Need Email Marketing

You want to collect high quality leads or pitch your brand services or products.

You want to start building your email list and delivering customers personalised emails.

You have a committed following, but you're not sure how to best use it.

You want to scale up the automation of your email marketing.

You want to establish your brand identity and increase brand awareness.

You want to establish your brand identity and increase brand awareness.

Your email marketing strategy is simply substandard at the moment.

You aim to establish relationships with your audience through earning their trust.

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