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Unboxing Search Engines

Ready to take yur busienss to Next Level?

Wondered if someone search you on google and you are on first page?

At Techno Believe we believe in using the strategies which are currently working in the market. We love to figure out top trends and be in top of SEO game every year. 

We follow all algorithms that google runs on and make sure that your website and all its content is based on those algorithms. It is also very important that your business is properly optimized in Google ranking accoring to the devices people will search your business as well as we make correct predictions that which keywords your visitors will use to come at your website.

User Experience signals were high in 2018 and even more high in 2019. It is very important for your website to meet the Googles’ RankBrain algorithm which only gets qualified on the basis of how visitors are interacting with your website, if they are bale to open in all the devices like mobile phones, on computers and on tablets as well. This algorithm also checks if the users are able to navigate your websites properly or not. 

So it is our duty to make sure your website meets all these expectations as well as the content which includes Text, Images and Videos should also be optimized with the proper use of keyword research. We use top marketing tools to give you the best deserving rank on google search results or in other search platforms.

How we Identify the right channels to find your customers?

 Firstly, we identify your busienss goals. We set precise KPIs in different platforms like on your website and social media posts, and link them Google Analytics. 

Google Analytics generates 2 valueable reports – Google Analytics Acquisition Report and Google Analytics Frequency and Recency Report from where we can know which channels are bringing more clients to your website and also that how many customers visit our website once, twice or even more. These reports helps us in investing in most efficient channels, decrease spending and ehanhancing the results.

‘Context’ is the Key

Earlier Google’s spiders used to visit your page to see how many times you used the same keywords. If we say that in another words, they used to focus on 100% or your page content.

It is still the same like before but now they focus on “CONTEXT”. They need your page to cover an entire topic in-depth. In-depth content tends to rank better on Google.

Our team insure that the ontent on your web pages is written and well expained according to the new Google’s norms.

What We Do To Rank Your Website Organically?

Search Engine Optimization is an art which uses technology to grow your brand organically on Search Engines. Lets check below how we get it done.

RankBrain and UX

RankBrain measures how users interact with the search results and ranks them accordingly.

Comprehensive and In-Depth content

Remember – “Best Pages cover an entire topic in-depth”

Optimizing Google's Mobile First Index

Google now considers the mobile version of your website the real version. and 60% of searches are from mobile devices.

Video Trend

As said by cisco 80% of all online traffic by 2021 will be through mobiles. So hell ya! optimizing the videos for your site is our priority.

Optimize for Voice Search

Suppose you ask your home voice enabled speaker like Google Home, to find a best restaurant nearby. and it gives you the searches according to their ranking. Well the same case can be made possible when people are searching for your business.

CTR Master

Click Through Rate (CTR) is an important concept in search engine marketing. In AdWords, it is an important component of your Ad’s quality score.

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