Why is Growth Marketing becoming so popular?

growth marketing

Have you also been misled by the term ‘Growth Marketing’? Do you also have an impression that every marketing is a growth marketing as it helps in business growth?

If you really think growth marketing is just applying any marketing principles for growth, then this article is for you. Because it will change your perception and make you think about why you haven’t used it before.

What is Growth Marketing

Growth Marketing is a strategy-based marketing approach that is consumer-centric with long terms goals in mind. It is based upon the data collected from different marketing channels and made used to design and implement the most efficient strategies to grow a business.

It is a process of experimenting across different marketing channels to identify the most efficient way to grow a business. It adds new layers to traditional digital marketing models by making use of techniques like – A/B testing, data-driven marketing campaigns, Automation, analysis of user experience, dynamic ads, etc.

Growth Marketing vs traditional marketing
Traditional Marketing VS Growth Marketing

If I were to now to write about traditional marketing, then it would be a waste of your time, as you already must be familiar with what traditional marketing is. So, this article strictly talks about Growth Marketing and its use in basically every industry niche.

A very simple example that explains what is Growth Marketing

Let’s say you are in an ecommerce business selling shoes. And you are not making enough money as your customers buy only the shoes that are low cost. And the order value is so low that you are finding it difficult to make it a profitable business.

As your acquisition cost is so high (because you ran few Facebook ads), you might be thinking that it is a loss-making business for you. But here you can make use of Growth Marketing.

In the above case, what you have to do is, cross-sell and up-sell more shoes to the same customer during the checkout process. Also try to upsell them some accessories like – socks, shoe polish, etc. That will increase the cart value and it will cover your margins.

Secondly, retarget the same customers by making the use of Email Marketing. Design engagement strategies in your newsletters, so that you can sell them more and more. And from the second or third sale to the same customer, you will definitely start making profits as you won’t have any acquisition costs to cover.

So now talk about the Benefits of Growth Marketing Strategies


By using the strategies of growth marketing, you can save lots of money by doing small-scale experiments and scaling the best one once you find what works best for you.

It’s Fast – Super Fast

Taking time as a currency, you will be a witness to how super fast this marketing can work and save you a ton of time.

Data-Driven Technology

Growth Marketing is not based on theory or tactics. It is simply powered by data. And data speak facts. It speaks the truth. You can measure all of your efforts and know exactly where your marketing is heading.

Better Decisions

With the accurate predictions of your marketing in hand, it can help you make the right decisions that what will work for your business and what won’t.

Enhanced Brand Perception

The ideology of this marketing medium focuses on understanding the journey of the consumer (or customer). It delivers better experiences and establishes better relationships with the customer. And that ultimately enhance your brand reputation.


Growth Marketing is purely a scalable strategy. Once you find out which strategy using which platform works best for you, you can scale up your marketing efforts and spend based on your pocket. There is no spending money blindly using this approach.


Using this marketing can help you to automate most of your dull tasks so that you can focus on other important things.

Solves All Of Your Problems

It solves all your marketing challenges using ‘PIRATE FUNNEL (AAARRR Funnel)‘. Where AAARRR stands for Awareness, Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue, Referral.

growth marketing pirate formula AAARRR
AAARRR Formula in Growth Marketing

6 Metrics if Pirate Funnell: AAARRR

  • Awareness: How many people do you reach
  • Acquisition: Out of those how many people visited your website
  • Activation: Out of those how many took the first important step (Clicked on CTA, example – filled a form, clicked a button, purchased something)
  • Retention: How many visited again
  • Revenue: How many of those started paying and how much they are paying
  • Referral: How many of those referred their known ones to your business

Why to use AAARRR model?

AAARRR or Pirate Funnel finds the weakest point of a business on which you should focus more.

I hope you found this article useful. I didn’t want to make it longer just for the sake of SEO or raking it on top page. It would have made this article boring for you. I just wanted you to share a perspective that you would have missed.

To know how this method of Growth Marketing can help your business, schedule a free 15-minute call with us and we’ll be happy to guide you through the process. For any further information, you can send us an email at hello@technobelieveoutlook-com


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